About US


Isaac Bakers has served the tri-state area for six generations since 1850, and is one of a few independent men's stores left in north-western Pennsylvania.

Being a specialty store in today's world is to be just that, Special !

We know our customers likes, dislikes, sizes, style and comfort levels. You don’t get this information without trust and relationships. We’ve picked out monthly, weekly and even daily outfits for customers. Made appointments here at the store, peoples work and their home, where we’ve even cleaned up a few outdated closets. All to make our customers look their very best. Let us know, and we can do the same for you !

We spend many an hour researching and looking for the right apparel at our industries largest trade shows. Offering the latest trends in fashion from some of the worlds top designers. And on top of that, any incentives we’re able to negotiate from vendors, we pass along to you our customers.




Our “Get Baker’d Up” program is just what a discerning gentleman looks for in dress clothes. Free tailoring and a "forever fit guarantee" from our full service in house tailoring staff. Never again wonder if your clothes fit properly !

From what we’ve been able to research, Isaac Baker is one of the three oldest family run mens apparel stores in the United States. Located in downtown Erie for most of our 168 years, we are here to help with all of your wardrobe questions and needs.

If you’d like to take a sneak peak, Click Here for a virtual tour of our store.

If you're looking for an old-school shopping experience we might just fit the bill.

So try us, you might like us.

Looking forward to our future endeavors !

David Baker Sherman
Generation "6"